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"I love lists. Always have. When I was 14,
I wrote down every dirty word I knew on file
cards and placed them in alphabetical order.
I have a thing about about collections, and
a list is a collection without purchase."

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  • I was named after a song called "Amanda" by the band Boston.
  • I was born in Lancaster, California / Lived in Palmdale, California until I was 4 / Lived in Livonia, Michigan until I was 7 / Lived in South Lyon, Michigan until I was 10 / Lived in Westerville, Ohio until present day.
  • I am a natural redhead.
  • My father's name is John (but goes by Jay), my mother's name was Barbara, and my sister's name is Laura (who is four years older than I).
  • My mother died of a bone cancer called "Multiple Myeloma" in 2009.
  • My dad is an electrical engineer.
  • My family is spread out over the states of Ohio, Michigan, Tennessee, West Virginia, and Arizona.
  • My first word was "balloon."
  • The longest relationship that I've ever been in was 4 years. The second longest relationship that I've ever been in was 3 years.
  • No one has ever taught me how to drive.
  • I have always been a loner by choice.
  • I learned to play the piano and the guitar by ear entirely on my own. I do not know how to read music.
  • My dad is also a musician. He is currently in a blues band called "The Mojo Kings" that he is the lead singer and harmonica player of.
  • I do not have a single first cousin that is a girl.
  • I have an extremely subtle scar above the right side of my top lip where my dog had accidentally scratched me around two days before Thanksgiving of 2008. It remains in the top 3 worst/deepest cuts I've ever had.
  • I've always found myself to be a significantly more productive individual at night rather than day.
  • I have an autoimmune condition called "Myalgic Encephalomyelitis." It, in short, literally causes me to feel as though I have the flu every single day (since about 2010). See: ( and (
  • My birthday is June 15th, 1991 (Gemini).
  • I was born at 5:55 PM.
  • My favorite color is brown. Then purple. Then blue/pink/yellow.
  • I am allergic to penicillin.
  • I am an extremely lucid dreamer.
  • I feel way too hot always and would actually enjoy quite thoroughly to be able to sleep outside in the winter.
  • If I lived alone I would keep my thermostat at 60° or less.
  • I love the darkness, & mood-lighting.
  • I wish it could thunderstorm every single day and spiritually awaken me.
  • I would never want to live some place that did not have seasons.
  • I'm obsessed with airplanes, globes, and maps.
  • I am (and have always been) an optimist.
  • I have a very dry, sarcastic, (and often times) morbid sense of humor.
  • I have a very over-over-over-active imagination.
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