ref for when i have a college dorm/move out in the near future/ or live by myself (early adulthood)

• brandy melville diy signs

↳ "andrea"

↳ "alexandra"

↳ " ♡ is my religion"

• bulletin board

↳ cover it with fabric and put magazine collages, pictures of selfies with friends, and fake flowers on it

• stack of neat nylon magazines (should probably consider subscribing to them)

• flower chain diy and flower letter diy for the letter "A"

• shag/fur rug

• walls: white

• floor: definitely wood (debating whether to have dark or light wood)

• desk accessories and knickknacks:

↳ bitten apple pen holder

↳ ¿¿¿globe???

↳ idrk this is under construction

• wall art:

↳ this map

↳ or this map

↳ geometric

↳ bunnies!!!

• maybe i should go thrifting and see what i can find

• keep the same bed

• succulents!!

• qt candles

• a unique calendar -_-

• full sized mirror (preferably with a leather frame)

• gotta figure out how to use my printer

• renew school supplies (probably won't be doing this until i graduate)

• christmas lights (or my lil lantern lights)

• frame tumblr pictures

• bracelet holder diy

• wallpaper on certain areas

• change sheets n buy pillow covers

• papasan #yas

• and/or

• buy a lot of books + cute bookends

• ikea; white & horizontal; über popular

↳ micke desk in brown/black and for the headboard (put pictures on the clear part!) put it on a nightstand

↳ nightstand: (mostly leaning towards this one)/ /

↳ undecided on the armchair

• bookends

• himalayan salt lamp (pyramid)

this is going to take forever because apparently i'm not made out of money???? strange..

i hella wanna do this though :^(

dec 14 2013 ∞
feb 21 2014 +