✻ get my driver's license

✻ step foot on all the continents (except antarctica)

✻ buy a cookbook and make every recipe in it

✻ get a college degree

✻ get this kinda hairstyle


✻ raise a puppy

✻ go sky diving & scuba diving

✻ have my first kiss, love, marriage, and kid

✻ ride an elephant

✻ own a famous brand bag

✻ see snow

✻ move out

✻ money to the homeless

✻ pay for a child's surgery

✻ go to NYC

✻ ride in a hot air balloon

✻ see a shooting star

✻ meet an online friend in real life

✻ "unplug" for a week

✻ become fluent in a language

✻ go to a safari in africa

✻ travel alone

✻ go to a cruise

✻ go to a fashion show

✻ learn to play a song on an instrument

✻ see the northern lights

✻ go to all of the wonders of the world

nov 26 2013 ∞
may 19 2014 +