• 18 ways to say “i love you”
    • 1. you are beautiful.
    • 2. you are the light of my life.
    • 3. you are amazing.
    • 4. i care about you more than i care about myself (seriuosly)
    • 5. you make me a better person.
    • 6. nothing makes me happier than seeing you happy.
    • 7. you're my half-orange.
    • 8. i'm so thankful for you.
    • 9. i’m so damn lucky to have you, i don’t know how i got so lucky.
    • 10. i don’t know what i’d do without you.
    • 11. you are my person.
    • 12. i'd do anything for you.
    • 13. "every time i listen to this song, i'll ...
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“i used to wonder why people fight so hard for love. and then i met you. and now i’m ready for fucking war.”

      • 18 things i love about you:
    • i love the sound of your voice.
    • i love how you make me happy more than anyone else.
    • i love how smart you are, how your mind works. seriously, one of the smartest person i know.
    • i love how you stand up for what you believe & the people you love.
    • i love the inner child in you.
    • i love that you laugh at my jokes no matter how cheesy.
    • i love how strong, kind & caring you are and how i have the honor to watch you grow everyday.
    • i love how silly we can be together.
    • i love how talented you are, your writing...
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