onions--those suckers always get me! soap operas--especially when someone is in a coma friends--it happens movies--people die & have to live w/o the ones we love loves--you know who you are death--loved ones who are gone forever songs

oct 16 2007 ∞
oct 16 2007 +
  • Ryan B. (liked for 3yrs)
  • Chris R. (liked for 1yr)
  • Blake H. (liked for 1yr)
  • Ryan R. (liked for 1/2yr)
  • Steven O. (liked for 1/2yr)
  • Chris A. (liked for a nano second)
  • Taylor I. (liked for 1yr)
  • Nathan B. (liked for 1 1/2yrs)
  • Aaron G. (liked for 2-3yrs)
  • ??????--not telling who my current crush is...
oct 23 2007 ∞
oct 24 2007 +
  • Johnny Depp--duhhh
  • Jake Gyllenhaal
  • Elijah Wood
  • Orlando Bloom (although his romantic movies have sucked, i am the missing ingredient!)
  • Christopher Gorham (Henry on Ugly Betty)
  • Kyle Schmid (Lifetime series Blood Ties)
  • James Marsters (Buffy)
  • Jeffery Donovan (Burn Notice)
  • Hugh Grant
  • Stephen Colbert & Jon Stewart
oct 24 2007 ∞
oct 24 2007 +
  • are nice w/o trying
  • tell others they look great
  • hold my hand
  • surprise those who need it the most
  • call me
  • mean what they say
  • share their food
  • play with kids
  • drive me
  • take time to look at the moon
oct 18 2007 ∞
oct 18 2007 +

-Wicked Game by Chris Isaak (what a wicked thing to do, to make me dream of you!) -Tear by RHCP (it is sooo beautiful) -Ain't No Sunshine by Aaron Neville (ain't no sunshine when she's gone) -Take my Breath Away by Berlin (watching in slow motion as he turned to me and said...take my breath away) -Criminal by Fiona Apple (i've been a bad bad girl ;)) -The Rain by K-OS (you say you love me but then you turned and walked away) -Fade Into You by Mazzy Star (I look to you to see the truth) - ANNA Stesia by Prince ( hey it has my name in it!---Anna Stesia come to me, talk to me , ravish me, liberate my mind...tell me what you think of me, craze me, praise me, all through space and time) -Slow Dance by John Legend (i just wanna slow dance)

oct 24 2007 ∞
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