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  • Hand-held Telescope - To replace my non-functional (read: toy) one.
  • Cellphone Pocketwatch - Came up with the idea one night and had to look on-line to see if such a thing existed. I haven't been able to find one, but a user named "moomintroll" (what are the odds) did (and the day after my birthday too)! He/she describes my idea very well: link
  • Stilts - In the event of a flood.
  • Wooden Pipe - More for show then actual use/Herbal.
  • Small, portable musical instrument - Such as a harmonica, ocarina, jaw harp, or even a blade of grass.
  • Pocket-Sized Note Book with graph paper and hand-made cover and binding to jot notes and drawings in.
  • Pocket-Seized Dictionary preferably one that was printed before 1980, if at all possible. If the cover isn't suitable, I'll tear it out and hand-make a new one for it.
    • Just converted my current Pocket-Sized Dictionary from a very unattractive paperback to a gorgeous, highly personalized hard-cover!
  • Acorn Necklace To protect my heart from the arrow of an undesired boy.
    • It recently broke in two, as acorns are prone to do. Will have to find a replacement. But I may attempt at something else: a stone necklace? egg shell? wind flower?
  • Wooden cane
    • I am now the proud owner of a fine, hand-made bamboo walking stick!
  • Feathered Hat I do already have one, but it's several sizes too large.
  • Peacoat
  • A Guide To Georgia Flowers and Plants!!! (Also pocket sized, of course.)
  • Glass Jars - Do you know how useful a glass jar is? I can carry so many bugs, jams, plant-samples, and smells in a jar. With a single jar, I can capture the whole world!
  • Bug Catching Net
  • Magnification Goggles
  • Copper Half-Penny - In case if I meet an aged, aged man a-sitting on a gate.
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