• Stop neglecting my listography.
  • Phone the bank to sort out my phone bill.
  • Finish the flyer for the Abandon Ship show.
  • Work on my zine, the constant work in progress.
  • Figure out why listing things feels like an accomplishment.
sep 6 2006 ∞
sep 6 2006 +
  • Stopped neglecting my listography
  • Didn't call the bank in time; hello £39 charge
  • Finished flyer, see my Myspace profile, come along!
  • Have yet to continue working on said zine
  • Listened to Van Pelt song & now understand why I list things.
sep 7 2006 ∞
sep 7 2006 +
  • Interesting galleries like The Lighthouse & Museum of Modern Art, I went to see a new exhibit called Handmade at the Lighthouse, it ruled. £1.50 if you fake being a student!
  • Clubs. As tragic as the Buff Club is I've missed the wallpaper and throwing myself through a crowd of pretentious pricks when Talking Heads came on. I also miss the Art School, ABC, and even the Garage.
  • Shows. Abandon Ship killed it, everything went well, I was glad. But I feel as if I see less shows these days. Drinking, sweating & screaming in basements is good for morale.
  • Losing myself in books shops at least 5 times the size of my house and leaving an hour and a half later.
  • The cinema. Something which can be taken for granted but I swear, I live nowhere near a cinema now and as such, when in Gla...
sep 24 2006 ∞
sep 24 2006 +