• ANYONE CAN FOLLOW ME, even when i'm locked. also feel free to unfollow/block/etc. i only ask that new followers are at least 16 or older. this isn't a nsfw twitter but i do make dirty jokes sometimes
  • i don't engage in politics on twitter or social media. i'm unlikely to RT or talk about anything like that unless it's a casual joke or an important signal boost.
  • if you engage in harassment, death threats, doxxing, etc, for any reason, or support people who do - please DON'T follow me.
  • while less serious than the above: if you're particularly hostile about fandom content you don't like, or look down on people for being weird or having sexual/problematic interests... we will not get along i'm afraid
  • i don't like talking about it but i do have paranoia + other brain issues. if i unfollow/sb/block you and you can't think of why - it's probably just me having a fit, and it's probably not your fault. sorry about that
  • and that's it! this is probably as serious as you'll ever see me on my main, i like to keep things Fun and Light (tm)
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