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  • I was only 4 years old and I was going on a long drive with my family and i think we were going to some holiday place or whatever. Anyway we were all laughing and having fun when suddenly another car came straight towards us then BANG!!! I woke up in a lot of pain with my families dead bodies scattered around and blood drenching what was left of the car. I found money in the compartment at the front of the car and stumbled over to a near-by pay phone. I called the police and tried to sound all grown up pretending to be another person who just happened to witness the crash. I hid into the bushes when the police arrived. I heard them say "i guess everyone must have died in the crash" When they left i crawled up next to my mum, wrapped her flimsy arm around me and just lay there. Then i woke up. AND THAT WAS THE SCARIEST DREAM I HAVE EVER HAD!
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