• the oldest member of aoa
  • the main vocalist like the a++ vocalist of aoa like we're talking the taeyeon/baekhyun of aoa like no we're talking about CHOA OF AOA
  • the most interesting vocal color like very breathy but still mature sounding
  • she does most of the chorus work and she's the person that usually does the yelling thing that singers do during the climax
  • she generally gets like 60% of a song at any given time it's pretty bad actually
  • she was also part of aoa black
  • she left aoa in june 2017 due to health problems
  • but i'm keeping her here because she's been in aoa forever and she mentioned that she wants to return
  • some solo work: flame, don't be shy
  • she wanted to be a singer since she was young and she used to practice alone at night and secretly go to auditions
  • she was rejected over and over again but she never gave up
  • her father wanted her to get a good job, so she went to college and got a job as a salesperson while secretly doing the auditions
  • sm entertainment rejected her 15 times
  • she got her lucky break when she met fnc's juniel and was directed to fnc's auditions for aoa
  • she has a lot of sadness within her and she's admitted to feeling very incomplete as a person and lacking as an unnie
  • ever since 2015, she's been struggling with depression and after being unable to get better, she left aoa in 2017 to focus on her health
  • out of aoa, choa cares the most about her appearance
  • she's considered the "mom" of aoa
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