• choa kept her hair in a short blonde bob for years because the ceo told her that he couldn't recognize her without the bob
  • fnc entertainment did nothing to protect aoa during their good luck scandal/seolhyun's dating scandal
  • aoa dealt with it themselves by publicly apologizing
  • for their short hair comeback, jimin lost ten pounds. she's the shortest member of aoa
  • a lot of pressure was put on chanmi to diet because she's not as skinny as the other members
  • as of at least 2015, aoa wasn't really getting paid. jimin got money from writing raps and her own solo work and seolhyun from cfs/dramas but the rest...
  • they made seolhyun feel guilty for her weight to the point where she used to not want to eat
  • aoa is fnc's poster group. ftisland and cnblue, their other same-generation groups didn't make nearly the same amount of money aoa did, but aoa's promotions are still lacking
  • the ceo of fnc didn't bother to learn the members' names for years after their debut, even after they became popular
  • in general the ceo is super sketchy like he's fucked over ftisland and cnblue in the past as well
  • they pushed chanmi and seolhyun into a lot of weird sexual choreo, even when both were really young (especially chanmi, who was underage until just about two years ago)
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