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hi! this is basically a get to know me page. if you want to be friends with me based on my interests just tweet me or send asks on my curiouscat!


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i mostly tweet about my kpop ults, but often tweets about chungmuros, dramaland & j-entertainment as well. i swear a lot on my tweets & doesn't hold back on my tweets.

i'm pretty sarcastic most of the times & shady if you want to call it. i'm only soft whenever i tweet about my faves

i'm not a fan of nu'est, ikon, most of got7, mamamoo, & wanna one in general so if you're a fan of them, i'm sorry in advance. i had my fair reasons why i don't like them & often tweets unpleasant things abt them.

i don't do instant follow back, so if you want to be mutuals pls send me a simple hi so we can talk before i follow you so don't ask me to follow back if we never once talked before & don't ask me to rt stuff for you unless it's very important (abt funding money for health care or study & finding lost person).

if you want to talk to me or ask me something, just tweet away (or dm)! i always reply even though we're not mutuals! :)

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