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please feel free to block if any of my content isn't to your taste <3

i put j. m. barrie's peter pan in a blender and whatever you see on the twits is what became of it

  • once fanexus goes live + implements personal wikis, i'll totally have my ocs linked here
  • for now you get the setting: mid-late 20th century london or belfast
  • i also draw the Mutually Abusive Adventures of Hook and Smee (theyre... basically my ocs at this point)
jul 4 2020 ∞
jul 31 2020 +
  • all my work is under an attribution non-commercial sharealike creative commons license
  • basically this means you can do whatever tf you want with it as long as you don't make money off of it
  • if you are repost, please do so with credit, preferably in the form of a link to my original post
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  • dubcon/noncon
  • violence, blood, gore, necro
  • underage, loli/shota
  • watersports, omorashi
  • pregnancy, mpreg, birth
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sep 10 2020 +
  • rpf
feb 29 2020 ∞
may 10 2020 +
  • i am a pro-map ally, pro-map pro-ship ppl please interact
  • i've been drawing porn since i was 14, do not regret it, and encourage others to do so at any age if they so choose
  • if you believe any of the following i doubt you will want to interact with me:
  • –> drawing/writing x fictional thing is wrong
  • –> minors should have no sexual outlets
  • –> minors are Icky/babies/fetuses/brats/contribute to nothing/etc.
  • –> if a character was played by an actor under 18, it is wrong to draw nsfw of that character
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