the personality is framed inside a restless, busy curiosity. you want to communicate with the world.

  • versatile, engaging, quick witted, clever, acutely perceptive, high spirited, well informed, likable, interesting, adaptable.
  • flighty, cynical, disorganized, dissatisfied, changeable, inconsistent, fear of isolation.


you have a positive nature with the gift of laughter. here's an adventurous, free loving spirit who sees the bigger, philosophical picture. you have a gift for story and the honest, if exaggerated, heart of things. a risk taker and not one to be confined or wait, there is an impatient nature or general restlessness. sometimes you spread yourself too thin not wanting to miss anything with a tendency to overreach and avoid details. however, an enjoyment of life, a good natured attitude and the breadth of vision draw many friends. there's always an attachment to potential and a natural exuberance at play.

  • optimistic, adventurous, freedom loving, expansive, jovial, creative, lucky, mythic and iconic.
  • blindly optimistic, tactless, irresponsible, distracted, restless, chaotic, unstable, reckless.

gentle heart

emotionally vulnerable and quite tender, light blue softens and elevates the personality. a repulsion to ugliness and hardship can lead to inactivity and indecisiveness. yet a love of beauty and harmony can lift the spirits to the heights and sometimes the heart takes wing.

  • musical and artistic talent, diplomacy, charm, grace, sensitivity, affectionate, intelligence.
  • paralysis, self indulgence, dependence, frivolity, changeable, indiscriminate, lack of substance.
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