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the day mankind understands what the sun is made of and its power, perhaps we'll understand the entire universe and the reasons behind so many things.

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i know flies in milk. i know the man by his clothes. i know fair weather from foul. i know the apple by the tree. i know the tree when i see the sap. i know when all is one. i know who labors and who loafs. i know everything but myself.

i know the coat by the collar. i know the monk by the cowl. i know the master by the servant. i know the nun by the veil. i know when a hustler rattles on. i know fools raised on whipped cream. i know the wine by the barrel. i know everything but myself.

i know the horse and the mule. i know their loads and their limits. i know beatrice and belle. i know the beads that count and add. i know nightmare and sleep. i know the bohemians' error. i know the power of rome. i know everything but myself.

prince, i know all things. i know the rosy-cheeked and the pale. i know death who devours all. i know everything but myself.

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