• Words. When we were younger, my mom would write down words on little rectangular pieces of paper and tape them to the objects they matched too. I can still picture them in my head. STOVE taped to the stove, FRIDGE taped to the refridgerator.
  • My brother's blue carpet. His carpet was sky blue, and really soft. He had a skylight and a window so it was always really sunny and the floor was warm. I remember I used to lay on his floor while he wasn't home and pretend that I was floating in the ocean.
  • Jake. He was basically my first non-family friend. We were the kids who ate paste. Glue. Tacky glue. Erasers? Haha, he taught me how to play four-square and tetherball. We were on the same Odyssey of the Mind team (Kevinnnnnnn!) and we'd always draw the weirdest pictures. He and I were also lab partners in the sixth grade. He dissected the frog.
  • Sega Genesis. Sonic the Hedgehog. Streets of Rage. Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3. Can anyone say Flawless Victory?
  • Bubbles. My mom and dad would always get those giant bubble wands and bottles of bubble solution for my brother, sister and I. We'd go out into the yard and play and play and play. I still love bubbles. xD
  • The car color game. If you sat at the stairs going up to our house, you could see the main road. We'd each pick a color and count the cars of that color. Whoever had the most would win.
  • The stairs to the basement. They were carpeted and wide and it was kind of steep, too. We'd play on those stairs ALL the time. Pretending we were mountain climbers and whatnot. I remember the one time, we blew up a bunch of balloons and put them at the bottom of the stairs. For what reason, I have no idea.
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