Dear Sir or Madam. I do not know you, of course, and you do not know me. Please do not let that simple fact discourage you from reading further. I do not know your age or gender, religious affiliation or sexual orientation, and most of all I do not know your face. Sometimes, I don't even know myself. I dont know your name or your birthday. Nothing that would seperate you from any other passerby. But I do know that in ways you and I are connected. I know you in a way because I know this. We all are afraid. Though we may not have met, we have more in common than you may think. Of this I am sure: We both know Loneliness. And if you are one to say that you do not, you Sir(or Madam) are lying. We both know Anger. Whether or not you deal with it violently or passively, it has been a part of our lives. We both know Sadness. You may have chosen to forget about meeting her, but she still exists. Look back in life. Tragedy has touched every part of this world. Unfortunately, though, I cannot say that we have both known Happiness. I have been blessed with such a life that I can sift through my memories and find joy. Can you do the same? Regardless of your answer to that question, I would like to leave you with these final words. Love is real, dear stranger. Miracles happen. And even if every flower were to wither and die and the sky never looked blue again, there is hope for us.

aug 10 2010 ∞
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