• I stan THRIVE and refuse to call myself A&R
  • Kento is my blue sad fox boy. I don't agree with the interpretation that his character is shallow and horny 24/7
  • Killer King is the most wholesome group because they practice intense conflict-resolution skills.
  • Life was not the same after Needle No. 6

Fire Emblem

  • Fates/if: Zero, Leon
  • Echoes: Celica , Berkut
    • Celica was done dirty and I won't get over it.
  • Three Houses: Claude , Sylvain
    • If you legit hate Lorenz we have nothing to talk about


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OTB (One True Book)

  • The Song of Achilles and Circe - Madeline Miller
  • Want - Cindy Pon
  • A Skinful of Shadows - Frances Hardinge
  • Captive Prince Trilogy - CS Pacat
  • Jade City - Fonda Lee
  • Sweet Black Waves - Kristina Perez
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  • Alice / Arisu
  • 24
  • libra sun/scorpio moon
  • intj 5w4
  • Eng/中文/Deutsch OK, 日本語少し OK

Science by day, shitpost by night. I draw and write things.

My Carrd [https://arisu.carrd.co]

Public/art twitter: @arisutocrat (formerly honorable_books).

Personal twitter: @Lopapeysas (locked)

Current fandoms/interests:

  • B-Project (THRIVE, Killer King)
  • Fire Emblem (FEH, Fates/if, Echoes, Three Houses)
  • Fate Grand Order Arjuna + Karna
  • My OCs
  • Fantasy novels

Other interests:

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WRT YA book fandom:

  • I have to block/mute Bardugo and Six of Crows stans because I can't with the blind worship of her as a "diveristy kween". I didn't vote for her.
  • I really can't stand SOC or how Bardugo writes her POC rep (i.e. badly). It ain't shit. Not sorry, nothing personal.
  • Support authors of color and don't call them discount/bargain versions of white authors when they do a vaguely similar concept, alright? Rude as fuck.

WRT Fire Emblem Three Houses:

  • No more badtakes about the lords please... learn how to read.

That's literally it.

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Game IDs

  • B-Pro: 895563087
  • FGO (en): 761,811,800
  • Fire Emblem Heroes: 3826398252
    • My main is Celica (+Spd, -Hp)
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  • About fandom purity culture: I don't need to hold your hand and tell you that fiction ≠ reality, but FICTION ≠ REALITY . Fictional depiction of X does not necessarily mean condoning of X. Block me if you can't get it through your skull.
  • Don't follow if you are an anti or hate fujoshi. I don't have time for your racism and misogyny.
  • I am pro-shipping . Even if I don't like some ship, I support people's right to ship whatever they want. 'Cause you know... it's fiction, y'all.
  • If you think MSG causes headaches, just say you're racist and go. This is really a deal-breaker for me. Don't fucking @ me about MSG.
  • My public twitter is SFW.
  • No racists, homophobes, transphobes, bi/pan/aphobes, queerphobes, exclusionists, TERFs/SWERFs/radfems, etc.
  • Fuck communism, fascism, and authoritarianism.
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