Reading? News piece or article? Essay? Film? Documentary? Online Video? In-person or online Museum Tour? Artwork? Exhibition?

Lesson Plan

I. Pre-read or Preview

  • Survey the material
    • What is it about, an initial idea?
    • What have other people said about it?
    • What clues can we obtain from the surface that give hints about what is discussed?
    • What previous knowledge can we relate this to?
  • Ask questions
      • Write at least 3-5 questions about the material to be studied, basing them from initial observations

II. Study

  • Consume the material - annotations optional
    • Read texts
    • Watch videos and films
    • See artworks
    • Observe exhibitions

III. Recite

  • Answer the questions - write your answers or discussions on the material
  • Go back to the material - this time, take notes with purpose
    • Reading - break down, look for the key info
    • Watch - take down notes, pausing in between scenes
    • Artworks - take a second look
    • Exhibitions - converse with docents or guides, read exhibition texts more thoroughly, go back to the works
  • Refine or add to initial answers
  • Write other important points not covered by the discussion questions
  • Summarize information in 3-5 sentences

IV. Research

  • Choose 1-3 ideas, works, or artists from the material studied as a point of focus for further study
      • Ideas (explain the main idea behind the idea, give examples)
          • Art Historical Periods and Movements
          • Art Techniques
          • Art Theories, Concepts, and Criticisms
      • Works
          • Background of the work (provenance, impetus)
          • Composition and Components
          • Interpretation and how it fits in the overall practice of the artist (or in an idea or an exhibition)
      • Artist
          • Basic Info + Movement
          • Practice + Influence
          • Significant Works
  • Create a study material on the chosen idea, work, or artist (optional) - choose one for your database - 3-5 sentences each max

V. Review

  • Group two topics as focus of first quiz
  • Hold a quiz after studying third topic. Same procedure for third, fourth, succeeding topics
  • Guidelines
      • No look back, write five main ideas discussed by each material
      • Choose 1 out of the three research items. Explain the main ideas in 3-5 sentences
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