• i, the writer, am a bisexual trans man. this isn’t very important to my portrayal of joker, of course, but i’d prefer not to interact with you or your muse if they’re homophobic or transphobic. same thing goes for racism, xenophobia, and so on and so forth.
  • i’m not a minor, but i will not write any smut. moreover, if you’re under 18 and i see you sexualizing your muse, expect me to enter dad mode™ and tell you off.
  • i do my best to adhere to standard roleplaying rules, and i expect you to do so as well. so don’t god-mod, y’all.
  • unfortunately, i’ve sold my soul to capitalism and decided to go to college. i’m a full-time film student and busy as fuck. replies might be slow from time to time; please be considerate.
  • SL planning and talks of relationship dev...
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  • full name: arthur fleck.
  • alias: joker.
  • nickname(s): clown prince of crime, crazy motherfucker, loser, freakshow — the list goes on!
  • age: 25-48; timeline dependent.
  • gender: cis male.
  • romantic / sexual orientation: he’s definitely not big on romance, but who the fuck knows? not exclusively attracted to women, though.
  • height: 6’5”.
  • weight: dangerously low.
  • hair color: naturally brown; currently dyed green.
  • eye color: deep grey.
  • scars / birthmarks / distinguishing markings: clown makeup, under-eye circles, and a seemingly endless amount of bruises and cuts.
  • character traits (positive):
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my portrayal of joker is mostly inspired by the 2019 film (joaquin phoenix stans, where you at), but with a few major differences. firstly, arthur is a decade younger when the gotham city riots take place — he’s in his mid-to-late 20’s. this is largely due to my discomfort with his and bruce’s age difference, but i digress. secondly, fleck gets locked up in arkham after the events of the film, and spends several years in isolation, which only strengthens his resolve. as time passes, he becomes more assertive (and dangerous) than his on-screen counterpart. he still retains some semi-noble goals, such as punishing those who neglect the poor and mentally ill, but sees obscene displays of public violence against anyone who he deems awful as his purpose.

the main timeline in which i write begins with batman’s return to gotham. arthur fleck is now a full-fledged, bona fide c...

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