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  • word: applesauce
  • friend: donnell
  • kiss: Camp Greenkill, 14yrs old, with Larry (yuck!)
  • pet: Donnie the tortoise
  • job: Program Aide at the Beacon
  • tattoo: ode to Brooklyn, on my wrist, 2005?
  • piercing: ears, before my first bday
  • vacation: 6yrs old. Disneyworld, FL
  • foreign country visited: Mexico
  • concert: Oro Solido, circa 6th grade
  • celeb crush: Will Smith
  • cd bought: TLC's CrazySexyCool
  • career aspiration: ballerina, kindergarten
  • nickname: Sugarfoot, given by grandma
  • crush: Sydney
  • "real boyfriend": Ananas
  • roller coaster ride: 8yrs old... Coney Island Cyclone
  • villain i was scared of: Freddy Kruger
  • time being drunk: ?? jello shots at skidmore sophmore yr ??
  • wedding: Junior (The Stephens' son)
  • funeral: uncle Eddie (don't remember it at all)
  • "real" piece of jewelery: gold bangles
  • hospital visit: stitches on my elbow from falling down the stairs with a glass bottle of coffee for mister taylor
  • teacher: Miss Chrust, P.S. 208
  • favorite subject: math
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