• they both die at the end
    • writer: adam silvera
    • ★★★★★; i do not have any complaints about this book. just as the past silvera’s book i’ve already read "they both die at the end” is a very sad yet a very beautiful book. i love rufus and mateo so much and i hope they stay together in the afterlife if it really exists. started 2019 feeling miserable thanks to adam, again.
  • navigating early
    • writer: clare vanderpoo
    • ★★★★★; besides delaying my own process of reading it i loved every inch of this book. the characters are captivating and very unique. i loved the aesthetics of the book itself and the pi stories, all of them made me think about myself because it’s full with metaphors throughout it. loved and i believe this is the new “the little prince”.
jan 1 2019 ∞
jan 28 2019 +