(2.25.18: to my ihx gifter: i'm sure i'll love whatever you end up gifting me, but below are some general Things I Love and Things I Dislike. A caveat if you are doing the Cheer Danshi!! prompt: I really love Hisashi and his horribly expressed way of caring for others, so I would appreciate it if you could work him, and any of the other characters not mentioned in the prompt, in as well!)

You are always welcome to ask me about any of these things if you have questions!


  • fluff. bury me in it. hand-holding and clothes sharing is my kryptonite
  • reincarnation AUs. i will always fall headfirst into reincarnation aus!
  • character studies and team dynamics; slice of life is very comforting and i love seeing character interact about mundane things
  • just characters being v gentle with each other honestly
  • gen fic gen fic GEN FIC
  • found families is the No. 1 way to end my existence
  • AUs
    • magical AUs: superheroes, mundane magic, mythologies, etc!!
    • also orchestra and music AUs
  • canonverse
    • missing scenes, future fics, etc!
  • get-together, especially slow burns. if i am not absolutely DYING at the amount of hopeless pining and lingering gazes from across the room, then can it really be called a slow burn???


  • injury/illness fic--really anything where the focus is on suffering is just not my jam
  • demonization of a ship to advance another
    • demonization of a specific character or hate in general tbh
  • stark power imbalances between characters in a ship
  • generally don't like gore/horror
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