• what my friends have done for me
  • just generally my friends
  • my bed
  • my family - they love me and support me, most of all they don't hurt me or instill weird narrow minded ideals in me
  • air conditioning
  • food/water
  • having money, even if it doesn't always seem to be enough
  • transportation
  • intelligence/education
  • anything electronic really
  • music - my ability to play, and the presence of commercial music, melissa's random ability to have whatever i like
  • college savings fund
  • not having a bunch of health problems
  • independence/freedom
  • earth in general
aug 8 2007 ∞
aug 12 2007 +
user picture joelle: I like this list. Its good. Im not sure what to comment on lists, but I do like this! aug 9 2007