• food: sushi, noodles (asian noodles and pasta)
  • cuisine: p much any asian but esp japanese, also italian
  • boba: earl grey or brown sugar milk tea
  • coffee: iced white mocha latte, salted caramel latte in the fall
  • alcohol: soju + yogurt drink, midori sour, rosé sangria
  • place: the beach or disneyland<3
  • tv shows: atla, bojack horseman, crazy ex girlfriend, himym (for the nostalgia)
  • disney characters: mulan, rapunzel, eeyore
  • disney movies: mulan, tangled, wreck it ralph
  • pixar movies: ratatouille, wall-e, finding nemo, inside out
  • marvel characters: tony stark, peter parker, baby groot, mantis
  • musicals: dear evan hansen, anastasia, hamilton, spring awakening
  • album: melodrama by lorde
  • book genre: dystopian, coming of age, mystery, depressing existentialist stuff
  • flower: cherry blossoms, lavender
  • anime: shokugeki no soma, haven't watched much anime tho sry
aug 20 2020 ∞
sep 23 2020 +