• hi i'm pretty bad at video games but i try to be entertaining and not toxic^-^
  • LoL: aram main, enjoy other fun modes, occasionally pressured into norms, refuse to ever play ranked lmao
  • NA igns: brownsugarbb (main), her name is ahri
  • champions i like playing: sona, ahri, nidalee, jinx, sivir, ashe, nami, karthus, orianna, syndra, jhin
  • champions i am good at:
  • fave game of all time is the sims<3 talk to me about ur oc's hehe
  • new to ffxiv, primal server pls help me c:
  • currently playing genshin impact and love co-oping to help friends^-^
  • love single player story rich games such as life is strange, undertale
  • always looking for new friends to play games with!!! let's play jackbox or among us c:
aug 14 2020 ∞
nov 3 2020 +