• Name: Astra / Dani
  • She / Her
  • Southeast Asia
  • February 4 / Aquarius
  • Lazy writer who takes way too long to update
  • makes way too many dick jokes
  • coffee addict
  • stilettos are my favourite type of shoes
  • INTP, Enneagram 5, Sanguine
  • i write things other than porn okay
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This is a general list of ships I prefer, arranged by fandom. If a ship is not in this list, it doesn't mean I dislike it, just that I'm not really invested in it. Though there are few ships I outright dislike (and no, I won't say what they are), I don't usually mind most ships. I usually ship based on personality and chemistry (potential or canon supported), with canon interaction only being a secondary factor. I also don't have a fixed trope I like when choosing ships-- I like childhood friends, rivals, opposing personalities, same personalities, shared past, etc etc. Like I said, it all boils down to characters.

I'm also an unapologetic multishipper, and I have a tendency to have one or two characters I enjoy shipping with every other character. Not really a fan of threesomes outside porn purposes.

Ships with a ❤ are my top favourites.

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Twitter [http://twitter.com/gestahlt]:

  • NSFW. Please only follow me if you're 18+. I talk about smut a lot, and I don't usually tag NSFW text (I do try to tag NSFW images as much as possible)
  • I'm currently locked due to personal reasons, but if you want to follow me, just send me a DM.
  • I am quite intolerant of character or ship hate / discourse of any kind and will likely block you or mute you if I come across it. I sometimes search Twitter for ships and characters, and seeing hate of them sours my mood so I just automatically block anyone who does.
  • On that note, I've never blocked anyone for their ships / favourite characters, only for how they treat the ones they don't like. I've actually never engaged with anyone on my block list. If I blocked you, please note that it's nothing personal- ...
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A few notes:

  • As a general rule, I don't really read fic which focus on more than one ship. I have the EQ of a bent spoon, and when I read shippy fic, I want it to focus on just one ship. Exception to this rule is if both/all pairings are ships I love to begin with. So while I'll probably breeze past say, MakoRin + KisuHaru, I will definitely be all over MakoRin + SouGou or KisuMako + RinRei.
  • In contrast, I will most definitely read shippy fic of my favourite ships that also focuses on FRIENDSHIP of any sort.
  • Feel free to rec me fics you like but please don't expect me to read / comment on them right away.

Things I love in fanfic:

  • FRIENDSHIPS FRIENDSHIPS FRIENDSHIPS. I cannot stress this enough. I love fics where characters' friendships with other peop...
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As a creator, I understand that not everyone will like or approve of my work, be if for ship related or personal reasons. I added this section so you have an idea how I do my tagging. If you have any clarifications, please feel free to discuss it with me.


I don't usually tag normal stuff like anal sex or blowjobs or handjobs, since they're pretty much expected in a smut fic. I will however, tag unconventional and hard limit kinks such as breathplay, BDSM, comeplay, pegging, etc. If there's a kink you think I should tag, let me know and I'll add them.

Trigger warnings:

While I've technically not written intentionally problematic content, and will most likely never write them, in the unlikely event that I do, I will warn for things I feel people are most commonly wary of ...

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I'm particularly fond of the following archetypes:

  • Genuinely kind characters with gorgeous smiles
  • Dumb jocks with gentle hearts
  • Genuises with healthy egos
  • The funny ones who may or may not curse a lot in fanfic

Generally not my type (though this doesn't mean I automatically dislike them; it just means they probably won't be my #1):

  • the (usually fandom-designated) pretty boy
  • Yanderes
  • the cool, stoic ones

That being said, here are my personal favourites per fandom/series, in no particular order. Anyone who talks shit about them gets an instant block/mute from me (except Atobe, because I am aware that he can...

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If you know me or read my fic, you know I've written a lot of porn. TBH, when it comes to reading porn, my standards are really not that high-- only in smut fic am I more particular about the content than how it's written. I will most probably enjoy a smut fic with mediocre writing but with all the kinks I like, than a well-written one with stuff I don't enjoy. Let's be real, no one reads porn for the plot or the writing. I'm not any different.

Kinks I enjoy:

  • softcore bondage
  • breath play
  • orgasm denial
  • psychological subspace
  • consensual voyeurism
  • car sex
  • deep throating
  • Toys
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