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anaïs. 26. intj. cancer. sex-crazed astrology queen.

“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.” - Mark Twain

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Resourceful: Dark green provides the personality with the framework of earthbound resourcefulness. You see the world as a place to analyze and structure.

    • + master of detail, conscientious, dependable, hard working, capable, reserved
    • ― critical, perfectionist, standoffish, aloof

Nurture: Instinctual, highly sensitive and intuitive, you are affected by everything around you. Nurturing and protective, you are sometimes well hidden, always comfortable with the idea of home. Nostalgic and sentimental you treasure the past. Attracted to the sea and romance, you carry that mystery with you. Very caring, sometimes smothering, you are someone who will go out of your way for others. Easily hurt and overly sensitive, you feel things intensely but bounce back quickly. Resilient and persevering, there is something of a fluid rhythm amidst a cautious nature. Will withdraw after setbacks but you stick to tasks with tenacity.

    • + sensitive, caring, imaginative, sympathetic, shrewd, cautious
    • ― moody, clingy, touchy, overly emotional, insecure, redundant

Determined Heart: Diligent and reserved, Brown will add a serious component to the personality. Somewhat uncomfortable with feelings, there is, by contrast, a sensual nature. An aspiring and capable element is at the center of the personality.

    • + dependable, steady, determined, responsible
    • ― rigid, overly conventional, dogmatic, worry, withdrawn, need for dominance and acquisition
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