We Are Good "很好" by timeshaker

  • Rating: NC17
  • Summary: It has never been about becoming each other’s shelter during the rain, but standing side by side to brave the storm together.

You are My Angel with Benefits by monochr0macy

  • Rating: NC17
  • Summary: This is a story about a relationship evolving between heartbroken Human and sex addicted Angel.

Phoenix by unniebee

  • Rating: NC-17
  • Summary: The mercenary crew of the Phoenix takes on the dangerous job of kidnapping three genetic experiments and bringing them across the galaxy, unaware that the scientist who created is chasing them to get his children back.
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may 25 2020 +

signed, sincerely me by baeklights ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Rating: PG-13
  • Summary: Kyungsoo’s currently the dating advice columnist for the college newspaper, even though he really hates people and he hates their feelings even more.

1+1=Oh Sehun by london9calling ❤ ❤

  • rating: NC-17
  • summary: Kyungsoo has a love hate relationship with windows.

He Celebrates When You Come Home by northofthehouse

  • Rating: G
  • Summary: For Kyungsoo, loving Sehun was a hard choice between death and something else.

Day 5 | Pumpkins by bookishvice ❤ ❤

  • Rating: G
  • Summary: Kyungsoo steals Sehun's pumpkins...
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  • Minseok/Jongin, Xiukai
  • Rating: NC-17, wolf!au, military!au
  • Summary: The first rule of a soldier is clear: the army before your mate. Jongin knows that Minseok shouldn’t be even thinking about having him or, for that matter, protecting him.

I Mean This Forever

  • Minseok/Sehun, Xiuhun
  • Rating: R
  • Summary: Nothing cures the boredom of eternity like siring a new vampire.
mar 20 2016 ∞
aug 5 2017 +

Helplessly Hoping by drainbamage954

  • Rating: PG-15
  • Summary: Reality is in the eyes of the beholder. Sometimes it takes another person to open those eyes and finally see the world in full spectrum.

The Thin Line Between (Taijitu) by maayacola

  • Rating: NC-17
  • Summary: Jongin’s always had people he likes best. Chanyeol’s pretty sure he’s never going to be one of those people

Off the Runway by tatoeba

  • Rating: NC-17, models!AU
  • Summary: When Jongin meets Chanyeol at a runway show he doesn’t expect it to make his life suddenly more complicated. (or, kaiyeol are stupid and have a lot of sex. >_>)

Lilies Spray Painted Metal by g_odalisque13

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may 25 2020 +

(they call it) puppy love curledupkitten❤❤❤

  • Rating: G
  • Summary: kyungsoo is a cool cat and baekhyun is a warm puppy and both of them need all the love they can get.

Day 25 | Vampires by bookishvice

  • Rating: G
  • Summary: Kyungsoo checks the contents of his messenger bag a second time, his thick five-topic notebook, his pens, and his bottle of blood are all missing. Instead, there’s a note inside that says Suck Me.

Hide and Chase by coconut_juice_

  • Rating: R
  • Summary: Kyungsoo as a mafia leader while Baek as a cop who wants to catch Kyungsoo. Kyungsoo end up liking Baek because of Baekhyun's determination and wants to ma...
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jul 14 2018 +

GQ Gangster by happinessplate ❤ ❤

  • Rating: PG-13 (R for the last 1k)
  • Summary: Kyungsoo is kris' fairy godmother. Although it says 'personal assistant' on his namecard. On the other hand, lu han is xi luhan, no matter what it says on his namecard.
  • Classic krisoo fic, I guess everyone has already read this.

A Prince and His Guard

  • Rating: NC-17, Regency!AU
  • Summary: Prince Kyungsoo is far more fond of his books and his garden than he is of people, and the last thing he needs is some new guard to babysit.

That Fic With No Name by purpleskies ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Rating: PG-13
  • Summary: Kris Wu doesn't believe in fairy tales
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oct 14 2018 +

(I Want, I Don't Want But If You Want......

  • Rating: NC-17, omegaverse
  • Summary: Jongdae wants to be fucked but he's in denial and Sehun doesn't even know what he's doing, but at least he's doing it well.

Points A & B

  • Rating: PG-13
  • Summary: hypothetically if you were point a, and theoretically if i was point b

we break with speed by baeklights

  • Rating: G
  • Summary: Sehun hates Jongdae's face

Ice Cream, I Scream by seizethejongdae

  • Rating: R
  • Summary: When Jongdae started his new job as ice cream boy, he expected long days ahead tending to endless customers and so...
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dec 13 2018 +

(ELE)Mental by jumpthisship ❤❤❤

  • Rating: G
  • Summary: Park Chanyeol desperately wants to recruit twitter fanartist Kyungsoo into his crew of gay fanboys. The obvious way to do this is by confessing his love for him every day.
  • MUST READ!!!

and time yet for a hundred indecisions by lairdofthelochs❤❤❤

  • Rating: R
  • Summary: Chanyeol wakes up and finds himself in an alternate universe where he’s married to Kyungsoo – except that he’s never met the man before in his life, and he is absolutely, positively, 100% sure that he is straight. Until now.

where souls brimful of love abide and me... by lairdofthelochs❤❤❤

mar 20 2016 ∞
oct 20 2018 +

Do You? by julyfix

  • Rating: NC-17
  • Summary: An old flame decides to ring up celebrity model Yifan and let him know that, well, he’s a father. Said kid is about to stay with him for three months. Yifan doesn’t know the first thing about parenting. All things considered, he doesn’t do much parenting, anyway.

Crave by julyfix

  • Rating: NC-17
  • Summary: Jongin craves Yifan.

(Go On, Believe) If It Turns You On by loudestoflove/riots

  • Rating: NC-17
  • Escort!AU
  • Summary: Kai's newest client brings old feelings rushing back, but this is just a ...
nov 16 2017 ∞
oct 4 2018 +

How To Pet: A User's Guide by drainbamage954

  • Rating:R
  • Summary: Lu Han has never really been able to get along with cats. Until Junmyeon gets one and his life is turned into even more insanity that it already is

Balance The Beast by thetwistedstar/thesockmonster

  • Rating: PG-15
  • Summary: Jongdae doesn't need a pack

Pick Me Up by daybreakstorm

  • Rating: PG
  • Summary: Jongdae doesn’t like people breaking library rules. He also doesn’t like bad pickup lines. Luhan manages to do both within the first minute of meeting him.

(It's Gonna Be Forever Or It's Gonna Go ... by thesockmonster

  • Rating:R
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aug 5 2017 +

If You Never Come to Me by omoidendo ❤❤❤

  • Rating: PG-13
  • Summary: Ever since the beginning of their relationship, Luhan had been questioning why Kyungsoo has said yes.

Let’s Talk About Love

  • Rating: PG-13
  • Summary: Lu Han wants Kyungsoo to see that he’s the one the guy’s destined to.

Wait a Minute, Hold Up

  • Rating: PG-15
  • Summary: There's this thing about elevators.

Magical Madness

  • Rating: PG-13
  • Summary: Lu Han is falling for an antisocial Do Kyungsoo.
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aug 20 2017 +


  • Rating: NC-17
  • Summary: There are three tracks to Do Kyungsoo's life. Track A, trader at an investment bank. Track B, new recruit of a race crew called EXO. Track C... track C involves someone named Kai and a whole lot of bad decisions.

Anterograde Tomorrow

  • Rating: R
  • Summary: Kyungsoo is stuck in the hours while Jongin begs the seconds, because time stops for someone who can't remember and runs from someone who can't miss the last train home.

Street Rats

  • Rating: NC-17
  • Summary: Kyungsoo is a dreamer, ready to wake up, but not yet ready to live.
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