• a meadow, 70 degrees, partly sunny, lavender clouds
  • a crystal palace in the meadow, breezy, indoor fountain
  • the fountain has carbonated fruit punch, tastes like a sb's refresher
  • elves dressed in green silk with silver bracelets
  • i have limitless talent, at painting, piano, sewing, cooking, singing
  • a fairy audience to admire the talent show and eat cupcakes i make
  • gold, silver, and gem mines for excavating and jewelry making, butterflies to make and carry silk thread for sewing and weaving
  • tools, a workshop, a library, loom, and a waterfall swimming pool inside
  • a tree to which you walk, as you do, you learn everything, and everything makes sense and is fair.
jul 31 2013 ∞
aug 1 2013 +