• make a factsheet for every element (or gas) that you know
  • take the first titre into account too!! 2 dp plese
  • hno3 is not suitable for use as a primary standard because it is unstable
  • suitable PS in acid-base titration -- ethanedioic acid (h2c2o4)/ na2co3
  • the reaction between WA and WB give no sharp change in pH at equivalence point, so no indicator is suitable
  • nh4+ +oh- -> nh3 + h2o (bc it's neutralization)
  • but nh3 + hcl is just nh4+ (aq)don't ask
  • naoh is unsuitable as a PS as it REACTS not absorbs co2
  • i2 solid is dark brown, aqueous i2 is brown, i2 gas is purple
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