• never ending kindness and understanding. this is something that is impossible to achieve, yet i yearn for it still. the world is too painful for me, so i want a mere light at the end of the hall, and it would be love, because as lin manuel miranda says, love is love is love is love is love.
  • laughter. they don't have to be funny but they have to be capable of making me laugh, because they know that i don't only find funny things funny - when i'm happy, i laugh.
  • hugs. i love warm hugs, so this is a must. i get sad and depressed and anxious often, and really often hugs become the most effective cure-all. it won't wake me out of my relapse, but at least it calms me down for a bit.
  • they know what i'm interested in, and listen to me when i'm excited for it. i live in a house where my interests get mocked or ignored, so this is a necessity for me. i need to be in a relationship by someone who at least have the capability to listen when i like something, because if i don't, i'll just shrivel up inside and not wanting to disturb your so-precious attention, i'll never bring it up again.
  • cinema dates.
  • long kisses.
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