hello, i'm char!


  • bi, nonbinary filipino american
  • social science major (main concentration: anthropology, side concentrations: history and psychology)
  • i can get pretty anxious and paranoid quite often so i may shut down and not talk much sometimes, but other times i may talk too much
  • personality types: isfj, ravenclaw, neutral good, 5w6


  • Member of the Bad at Making Friends Club
  • i am shy.. so shy and cheesy and immensely stupid
  • it's seriously difficult for me to get close to people, but i am always open to listen to anyone and create friendships!
  • i'm not too interesting; also can't focus on one thing for too long either (i have commitment issues and a short attention span)
  • i'm horrible at multitasking and get easily overwhelmed
  • please let me know if you would like anything specific tagged! i do tag general tws


apr 1 2018 ∞
jul 23 2020 +