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  • Paint more, and try watercolor
  • Learn to play tennis
  • Finish writing a novel! I am only at page twenty of 'Mistaken' but I would like to finish that one.
    • Also, give 'Mistaken' a new title!
      • This is the story of L, just in case I forget! :)
  • Work with children somehow!
    • Try: Summer day camps, community center day camps, summer schools, day cares etc.
  • Get a tan for once!
  • Read as many books as possible, because once school starts, it will no longer be my choice as to which books I can read
    • Finish 'This Side of Paradise'- F. Scott Fitzgerald
    • Finish 'Acacia'- Can't remember author's name
    • Re-read Belgariad/ Mallorean series
    • Re-Read Harry Potter series
  • Keep plugging away at learning guitar
  • Ask for a nice camera for my birthday
    • Then photograph
    • Practice with Photoshop!
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