I want to keep track of all the lovely things I got!

  • Bose noise canceling head phones from Keith
  • Card and bath and body works gift card from Erin
  • Bird necklace from Gina
  • Nail kit (gold) and two nail polishes and a certificate to get my nails done from Shannon
  • Curling wand from Mom and Dad
  • Pajamas with purses and a grey top from Mom
  • Pink peony bath set with a ton of stuff from Keith
  • Card and money from Grandma
  • Card and future shop gift card from Uncle Dan, Auntie Donna, Michelle and Jordan
  • Sephora gift card and chocolate from Uncle Pete, Debbie, Cassidy and Ryan
  • A sheep toy (?!?) haha from Dad
  • Chocolate/socks etc. from Mom in stocking
  • Chocolate cherries from Dad
  • Card and snowboarding weekend from Dad
  • Mac winter eyeshadow palette from Mom
  • Urban Decay primer potion set from Mom
  • Black pea coat from Mom and Dad
  • Purple sweater v-neck from Mom
  • Grey slippers from Mom and Dad
  • Silver/ black Bracelet from Mom
  • Red cat oven rack remover haha! from Mom
  • Trip journal from Mom
  • Black Steve Madden wallet from Mom and Dad
  • Tinkerbell light up ornament from Mom
  • Fur trimmed glove and furry scarf from Mom and Dad
dec 27 2011 ∞
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