• A: Alligators, apple orchards, Arizona Iced Tea, Apache
  • B: Boats, books, beach, bridges, bakeries
  • C: Camp Fuller, crayons, coffee milk, chicken, compass roses, cookies, corn on the cob
  • D: Docks, dancing, dresses, dogs, denim, doorknobs, Dels, devotions, dinosaurs
  • E: Elephants, English chocolate, Earl Gray Tea, Electric Feel, earrings
  • F: Fires, four-square, friends, flip flops, flannel, fruit, fall
  • G: Gingers, gold, grapefruit, Grateful Dead, green beans
  • H: Heights, hills, holidays, Harry Potter
  • I: Ice cream, igloos, iced coffee
  • J: Jokes, jump ropes, July 4th, juice, Java Madness
  • K: Kids, kittens, kites, kettle corn
  • L: Lemonade, lightning
  • M: Music, mushrooms, moon
  • N: Narragansett, novels
  • O: Ocean, octopi, oranges
  • P: Penguins, pizza, putting my feet in the water, Pick Pockets, ponds, puddles, potato chips
  • Q: Quests, quiet, quoting movies
  • R: Road trips, Rhode Island, rain, Red Hot Chili Peppers, reading, raccoons, rollarama, rocks
  • S: Sailing, Saturdays, storms, sandwiches, sun, stars, summer, Savers
  • T: Tanning, tokens, thunder, trains
  • U: Umbrellas, universe, UMiami, unicorns
  • V: Verandas, vegetables
  • W: Walnuts, windsurfing docks, water, winter, waves, wind
  • X: Xeroxing, X-rays vision
  • Y: Yachts, yellow, yacht club wear, young George Clooney, yesterday
  • Z: Zebra print, ZOX
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user picture Sadye: Julia may have set a trend aug 11 2009
user picture MmmJulia: oh i totally did. aug 17 2009