• I am obsessed with Real Simple Magazine
  • I love Martha Stewart
  • I don't want to go to college
  • I have multiple personalities
  • I am an amazing lier
  • I didn't learn math or grammar until 4th grade
  • I like the smell of my feet
  • I want to travel, but the last time I took the train alone back from New York I cried
  • I hate clothe shopping
  • I am a hypocrite
  • I like bad music
  • I am really pretentious
  • I am in love with three different people
  • I change crushes more than I change socks
  • I still want to know why they were in the ditch for so many chapters
apr 23 2009 ∞
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user picture Sadye: I didn't know you had one of these :) apr 23 2009