(//coughcough// totally didn't steal this idea from Kudo...)

- If I had 10 million dollars I would...

  • Travel back to China and give money to my sister's orphanage and my foster family.
  • In general give money out to foster children, orphanages, and adoptees who need help.
  • Pay off uni.
  • Pay off my sisters tuition to her dream Uni (John Jay).
  • Give my aunt the money she needs for her treatments.
  • Give my mom a nice house in PA.
  • Give Alexis the money she needs for school.
  • Give David the money he needs for his personal things.
  • Give Tanya a car and money for her loans.
  • Help Aaron with whatever he needs.
  • Buy my cousins a house to raise the twins and set up their college funds.
  • Help Smile Train Org in their efforts to help children in need.
  • Ship the Chat Pact out to VidCon so we could all meet up.
  • Give Kudo the money he needs for his Study Abroad.
  • Go to DisneyWorld or DisneyLand.
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