• Ramble with no point or conclusion on any subject when I'm nervous.
  • Am extremely gullible and will fall for even the most obvious sarcasm sometimes.
  • like to keep things clean and organized.
  • Am really good at defining smells.
  • Have dramatic mood swings when I'm really upset.
  • Use big words to impress listeners so they think I'm smarter than I really am.  
  • Can’t sleep in total darkness and needs some kind of lighting
  • Can't sleep unless I'm listening to something, whether it be ambient noise, people talking, or YouTube videos.
  • Very much enjoy jokes with puns.
  • Am extremely afraid of heights and needles.
  • Could be called “organized chaos”.
  • Am easily swayed by food. (especially spaghetti)
  • Am right handed.
  • Tend to play with my earrings when stressed out.
  • Refuse to hurt any animal, including insects.
  • Believe that things can be magical, but a weird type of magical.
  • Obsessively love strawberry flavoring
  • Prefer to sit on the arm of chairs or couches rather than the actual seat sometimes.


  • Probably have reveled too much about myself in this Listography, but eyy, Listographys are meant for self reflection anyway.
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