If Leo, Kudo, Alex, or Angel ever visit NY, I'd take them to see...

Long Island

  • Stony Brook Village to eat one of the best ice creams ever.❤️
  • Avalon Park in the high meadow to see the giant metal ball. (My favorite, not really a meadow, but I like to think of it as one)❤️
  • Port Jefferson Boardwalk, where it's not exactly a party, but it kind of feels like one.❤️
  • West Meadow Beach at low tide to race hermit crabs. (:3)❤️
  • Drive around Old Field to look at the old houses.
  • Holtsville Wildlife & Ecology Center. (<333)❤️
  • Old Westbury Gardens.
  • Riverhead Aquarium, wading in the tide pools.
  • The top of the Montauk Lighthouse.
  • The Greenport tall ships.
  • Ice skating in Port Jefferson (because Rockefeller is a pain to get tickets for)
  • Swimming on Fire Island and walking in Sunken Meadow.

City Things

  • Times Square, because you have to experience that at least once.
  • Luna Park (ehh, not my fav, but another thing you have to experience).
  • Bronx Zoo
  • The High Line
  • New York Public Library ❤️
  • Temple of Dendur
  • Union Square
  • Hayden Planetarium❤️
  • Botanical Gardens, Cherry Blossom Festival ❤️
  • Met Cloisters❤️
  • Central Park (Because duhhhhh)
  • Chinatown food tour
  • Strand Bookstore ❤️
  • Snug Harbor Cultural Center❤️
  • Anywhere in the city at night. ❤️
  • The roof of the MoMA (whatever exhibit is going on then)
  • The Natural History Museum. ❤️
  • The very top of the Rockefeller Observation Deck just to look at the world below. ❤️
  • Anywhere else in the city they would want to go.

Looking back at this list, there’s so many things I could do with you guys...PLEASE VISIT ME SOON!!!

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