• A:“Just give him three days. Wait three days, no texts, no calls, no nothing. Then see if he comes back”
B:“What if I can’t wait three days though?”
A:“You see the thing is, you keep running back to him and he gets off on it. He knows he’s gonna have you coming back to him. Why not give him three days and make him realize, oh shit it’s serious, I’m really losing her!”B:“What if he doesn’t even come back?” 
A:“Then why would you wanna be with someone that doesn’t want you? Why would you wanna be with someone like that?”
  • "You're charming in the most idiotic way..."
  • “At that moment, we both realized that the opposite word for love isn’t hate or dislike. The opposite word for love is I loved you. It’s the past tense.”
  • "Life is all about being childish and embarrassed. Those who pretend to be all serious, don't know about life."
  • A: "wait, did you just flirt with me?" B: "actually I have been for the past year. Thank you for finally noticing now..."
  • "Tragedy is sew into your soul, darling. No matter how bright the halo glows or how high your wings take you, you will always, eventually, fall."
  • "Sometimes I’ll start a sentence and I don’t even know where it’s going. I just hope I find it along the way."
  • A: “Alright, now, everyone pay attention. I have an announcement to make and I only have a minute.” B: “Why? Are you in a hurry?” A: “No, I was referring to your relatively short attention spans.”
  • A: “I’m quick at math!” B: “Okay, what’s 38x76?” A: “24.” B: “That’s... not even close.” A: “But it was quick.”
  • A: “How sure are you?” B: “85% to 86%” A: “We've gone on much less.”
  • "They say you die two times. The first when your heart stops beating. The second when your name is said for the last time."
  • "There are six and a half billion people on this planet. Why then, did this sort of thing happen to me?"
  • "Sometimes you look at him and wonder how he keeps it all together. His pain is palpable and echoes within your own sugary bones. You want to hold him close, but you're afraid his pain will get to you too."
  • "Life is chemistry. It sounds complicated, or like something you might hear from a middle school science teacher, but it’s true nonetheless. We’re not talking chemistry like you would learn in a lab. Life is the chemistry between people. Sometimes it is volatile, violent and intense,leaving nothing but destruction and chaos in its wake. Sometimes it is bliss. Calm and peaceful, a true union between two souls that combine to create something more. It cannot be predicted. It cannot be synthesized and recreated. What it is is undeniable. Life is the interactions between people, and each moment in time creates a change in who you are and what you will become."
  • "Fear isn't being repulsed and disturbed by something you know. It's not the feeling you get when you enter a 'haunted house' on Halloween. Thats' just the opening acts. True fear, the kind that shatters sanity, and drives even the bravest souls to gibbering heaps, comes from things that you don't know, from things that you simply can't know. Something so intrinsically wrong, something that simply should not, cannot exist. When you see something that defies reality itself, that is when you will feel fear."
  • "Sometimes I think the world hates me. But sometimes you have to hate the world right back."
  • "Shut up! Put on your Santa hat. It's still Christmas!" - Kudo
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