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  • aya/yuuhi, call me whichever you want! I'm 20+ yrs old
  • female (she/her), bisexual, taken by my BF (his twitter is KougawaHaru!)
  • have too many idol ocs for her own wellbeing
  • Can speak English, Indonesian, Japanese
  • Aspires to learn fashion design & be a dubber
  • ships GL&hetero pairs mostly
  • likes idol animes and cute anime girls
  • likes Kawaii-styled fashion
  • Yume Kawaii is basically my kind of aesthetic
  • collects figures, official fanbooks, doujinshis and merches
  • draws sometimes
  • Also a fandom blogger

other things:

  • I'm joking a lot about hating Archer of Shinjuku from Fate/Grand Order that for the case of avoiding spoilers instead of his real name I called him 'Dedi' (an Indonesian spelling of 'Daddy', referencing to an in-game scene where he calls himself Guda's 'Daddy'), but that doesn't mean I really hated him--- it's mostly an 'insult to show love' kind of fav. This probably will go on until I rolled him on gacha which sounds unlikely. By all means, if you love this Team Grandpa, please do not take my insults to him too seriously.
  • i'm mentally ill. won't disclose it but i can say i'm in the autism spectrum.
  • i can't force people but if you are a long time mutual who interacts a lot with me and want to unfollow me, please do the soft block instead.
  • i am very sensitive and can get emotional or defensive/passive-aggressive over things i love sometimes. which is bad and i'm trying to improve myself. feel free to DM me and say out your opinion if i do say anything bad
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