↳ heya!! read this while listening to love song in full volume. ~

first of all, i'm really grateful for your existence. i'm grateful for your love, i'm grateful and extremely proud of who you are. you're so full of love and it overflows in every single thing you do. your pure, empathic way of dealing with things is definitely what i most admire about you. you make me feel fresh, different and new & it melts me; i can't thank you enough.. ꒰i'm the HAPPIEST when i talk to you꒱

i also thank the universe everyday for putting you into my life, seriously. we connect with each other so well, isn't it a scorpio + pisces thing? i really do believe in destiny, it may sound cliché, but i really do believe that you came into my life at the right time, and i'm beyond glad that you did.

happy birthday sweetcheeks! i would give the whole world to you if i could my super sweet baby angel, you’re a ray of sunshine and irreplaceable and magical and i want to protect you from all the bad things for the rest of my life if i could :( you deserve all the love and happiness and nothing less. "you're so special and you don't even know"... i hope we can grow closer & vibe together, i love you sososososo mucH and i appreciate you a lot pls never forget that ;;;

nov 7 2017 ∞
nov 7 2017 +