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•slumdog millionaire

•my sister's keeper

•million dollar baby

•the help


•game of thrones

•orange is the new black

•game of thrones

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me 'ㅅ'

•full name: chloe marie rope

•birth date: 18.06.1999

•pronouns: she/her

•nationality: spanish

•religion: catholic,christian/atheist

•languages I speak: english,spanish,catalán

•race: black,berber,white

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•birth date: 05.05.1992

•sign: taurus

•vocalist,dancer,model... etc

•sexuality: ???

baekhyun is my favourite person in the world,

hardworking, talented, respectful, funny, educated

generous, polite, my role model.

•otps: baekyeol/chanbaek

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•byun baek hyun/EXO

•jessica jung/ former SNSD member-solo artist

•im yoona/SNSD

•seo joo hyun/SNSD

•lee seung hoon/WINNER

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• I love cinematography

• I dislike the word "fat" used as an insult

• #blacklivesmatter, #translivesmatter, #muslimslivesmatter


•cultures I admire apart from mines: japanese and korean culture.

•triggers: self-arm

•role models: byun baekhyun, jessica jung, magdalena frackowiak,

aya jones... etc

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me 'ㅅ'

•intersectional feminist

•public relations and student window dressing student




•soccer fan, fútbol club barcelona

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