I couldn't lessen the list but to all BaekSoo shippers (whether you are vocal about it or not) the fics below are my favorites so far. This is drafted and picked from my BaekSoo fic recs list.

  • In the Territory of the Dragon King by curledupkitten | NC-17 (some parts) | 122k | There are so many ghosts on this island. Maybe that's why Do Kyungsoo has come: so his personal ghosts can get lost among them. {alternate link}
  • How the West Ward was Won | by aprilclaws | PG-13 | 11.8k | Baekhyun finds many creative ways to end up on a hospital bed in the West Ward of St. Mungo’s Hospital, where Mediwizard Do Kyungsoo is always extremely pleased to see him and more than willing to treat all his wounds.
  • Here's a Stethescope! Listen to Your Heart by astrou | PG-13 | 11.5k | In the end, what Baekhyun needed was always waiting right in front of him.
  • Our Kind of Mess | by sseulli | PG-13 | 34.5k | Baekhyun falls, once again. This time, it's Durmstrang boy.
  • Tug of War by yibaek (sparkinski) | E/NC-17 | 30.2k | Baekhyun feeds off of affection... literally. Without affection and love, he will wither away. Enter Kyungsoo, the last man Baekhyun should fall for, the man that drains the life from everyone he touches. {NEW!}
  • In Demigods We Trust. The Beginning. by (not yet revealed) | R | 11.2k | Being godmanizer doesn't feel enough when a certain demigod never falls into his charms (or pants) no matter how hard Baekhyun tries. When his hope is lost for good, a Barrier of Protection, that keeps the Camp out of humankind eyes, disappears, putting all demigods in danger, and Baekhyun is forced on a quest (that's not his at all) to save their small divine world. Maybe along with his lost hope too.
  • Monodrama by kkeutkkaji | PG-13 | 13.4k | Baekhyun's life is just not one of those dramas Jongin pretends not to watch.
  • I Could Be The One To Set You Free by vavole | T | 20.8k | (fake dating!au) Actor Do Kyungsoo thinks that he is too good at leaving love, but Idol Byun Baekhyun teaches him otherwise because loving someone can be simple. {NEW!}
  • Notice Me by onyu | PG-13 | 22.2k | a fansite is supposed to be a repository of pictures, not feelings. clearly, kyungsoo still has a lot to learn.
  • You Plus Me Equals World War 3 by Junchenny | G | 14.3k | Baekhyun and Kyungsoo are rival singers, until their labels decide to debut them as a duo for a project. Cue pranks, awkward meetings and bickering galore. But in the end, could their shared passion for music and the fact that they may have more in common than they thought, be enough to overcome their rivalry? {NEW!}
  • True Blue by zannen | E/NC-17 | 25.0k | With things going sharply downhill at the newspaper, Kyungsoo has two options. One: He could lose his job and say goodbye to his journalistic career entirely. Two: He could do his best to ruin Byun Baekhyun's reputation. The choice, in his opinion, is obvious. Or he thought it was, at least. {NEW!}
  • Future to Come by latchedwindows | T | 8.7k | kyungsoo loses sight of what’s important in life and realizes the loss too late. fate gives him a second chance, but it’s hard to play romance when baekhyun’s on the opposite of the battlefield. {NEW!}
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