• art twt: @ohyese
  • prnsl: @zenyattan
  • livetweet: @silverpair
  • bnet: wormdisco#1530 (i play ovw & main lúcio/zen/orisa!?)
apr 27 2017 ∞
aug 8 2017 +

pls don't follow if

  • basic dfi stuff yanno if ur an asshole i'll block u
  • if you won't interact w/ me at all/like my tweets etc. don't bother following
  • don't follow if ur gonna be annoyed by me/make fun of me or the way i act/talk

other stuffs

  • im aware i act childish a lot and if ur gonna make fun of me for it just sb me instead i don't rly have time for it
  • i get excited a lot/use caps/misspell things & tweet a lot in general jsyk
  • i love spiders/bugs/snails/etc and might retweet them sometimes but i'll warn beforehand
  • i have ids but don't talk about them much if u wanna know it's ok to ask!
may 28 2017 ∞
may 28 2017 +

hi im daliah (or dales/léon/any nickname)

  • 18yrs old (feb.17th)
  • white
  • ontario, canada
  • they/she/he pronouns (alternate or just use they/them)
  • autistic/adhd
  • i love girls ?! in a big gay way
  • enfp + aquarius + sanguine if u care abt that!?


  • im babby?
  • if u want my imsg, line, discord, etc. dm me !
  • im friendly and i like talking to ppl so if we are mutuals i prob will!
  • i like every post i see so if u don't want me to just lmk
  • you can dm me about anything u want
mar 6 2017 ∞
aug 8 2017 +

these change a lot so ?? might not be current/what im hyperfixating on atm but ye

  • overwatch
  • persona
  • kamen rider/toku
  • star trek
  • enst/aichuu/yumecast
  • fire emblem
  • bnha
  • sports manga (all out, days, e21, ina11, ywpd)
  • jjba
  • etc.... lots.
apr 27 2017 ∞
may 28 2017 +