• read/watch/listen to something that will profoundly change my life
  • give up meat and become a vegetarian
  • date a creative person
  • see the world and go backpacking in a foreign country
  • live in another country
  • do something meaningful
  • witness something majestic
  • connect with a stranger
  • set up a cafe
  • see some of my favorite music artists perform live
  • attend a music festival
  • swim with whales and dolphins
  • visit and volunteer at the sloth sanctuary in Costa Rica
  • visit an alpaca farm
  • swim with pigs at Pig Island/Big Major Cay in the Carribean
  • adopt dogs from a shelter and give them a home
  • find the perfect paradise
  • build my dream library collection of books,records, and films
  • learn a foreign language
  • learn how to play an instrument (ukelele) and play a favorite song
  • become a yogini
  • fall madly in love (like for real)
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jan 5 2014 +
user picture tangles: i love this list. good luck :) aug 14 2011
user picture Dan: what a wonderful list you have BIG LIKE :) oct 3 2013