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  • collect books to read them latter
  • cuddle
  • gentle dogs/cats
  • drink tea
  • smell clothes with scent of softener
  • being called nice/smart/pretty
  • see interactions of my otps
  • wang jackson
  • asmr (this fairy lady is my personal favorite)
  • make my mom proud
  • learn new/interesting things
  • do you know that feeling, when everything seems perfect for no reason at all, but you feel like the world is the most beautiful place and you know you're in peace just by looking to simple things, like flowers or trees? yes, that feeling
  • watch animation movies that are cute and have a nice plot
  • funny/smart people
  • be with my family
  • travel
  • feel the wind in my face
  • sweet incenses
  • watch movies/series with plot twists
jul 19 2016 ∞
feb 3 2019 +