Relationship Reading for Suho/Chen (EXO) Deck Used: Rider-Waite

Spread: Past-Present-Future

Cards: The Hierophant, The Star, The Sun

Before I start this reading, I want to point out that all three of the cards that I pulled for Suho and Chen are part of the Major Arcana. I am of the school of thought that cards of the Major Arcana represent supremely important emotional stages or physical events in your life. While I pull Major Arcana cards often, three in one reading is relatively rare, so I’m inclined to believe that this relationship is quite meaningful to both of them.

In the past position, I pulled The Hierophant. The Hierophant often represents a time of initiation and beginning, so a lot of the feelings associated with this card may go back as far as when Chen joined the company for training. There is a definitely a sense of admiration about the Hierophant, a feeling that one of them greatly admired and looked up the other, probably even before they became close. One (or perhaps both of them) was quite concerned with that is what is expected of them in a relationship and that would likely have kept any serious romantic attachments from forming. Chen was probably very supportive of Suho in his position of leader, while Suho was perfectly happy to listen and take advice from Chen. But no matter how close they grew, there was still that niggling feeling that they mustn’t be too close, for fear of what people will think. The admiration and affection they may have been feeling for each other was likely expressed from afar for a long time.

In the present position, I pulled The Star. The Star is one of my favorite cards and is truly a beautiful card for any friendship or relationship. The Star is healing and warm and helps you through hard time. The couple who has the Star in their reading is often experiencing a renewal in their relationship, a true connection that makes it easy to let go of hurts from the past and move forward with a new partner. Often one (but perhaps both) of the players in the relationship has gone through a particular painful experience emotionally and seeks comfort in the other person. There is a very feminine and mothering sense to the card as well, so a physical relationship between the two of them would be more centered on curing physical needs through comfort and warmth. If there is a sexual relationship, there is something much deeper there as well. Any sex flows naturally from other physical comforts – hugs, reassuring touches. The Star also implies that they feel more creative when they are together than apart. There is an encouragement in this relationship that ties in nicely with the feeling of admiration that comes from the Hierophant early in their relationship.

In the future position, I pulled The Sun. The Sun is a very positive progression from the Star within the Major Arcana, so this relationship is bound to grow in a very beautiful way. The Sun, in a career reading, would symbolize success, so the success of the group as a hold may play into how their relationship is perceived. The release that started with the Star is ended and both of them will feel much lighter and freer from the all the suffering of the past. The image of the Sun is very carefree and childlike, a return to times when there were fewer worries. In traditional Tarot readings, this card can indicate marriage, so while that is extremely unlikely, there may be a sense of commitment to their relationship that wasn’t there before. I wouldn’t be surprised to see more of them hanging out outside of work throughout 2015. They simply don’t become bored with each other and that is a beautiful thing in a relationship.


Personal Reading for Suho (EXO) Deck Used: Rider-Waite

Spread: Five Card Life Spread (This is a personal reading method involving card draws for Overall Disposition, Family/Friends, Love, Career and a topic selected by the querent. For the purposes of this reading, the special topic with be his relationship with EXO.)

Cards: The Hanged Man, Strength, The King of Wands, The Eight of Swords, The Six of Wands

Overall Disposition

The Hanged Man is a character who is very observant and much attuned to the feelings and motives of others. He fears isolation and loneliness and can be a little smothering in his attempts to keep those he loves close to him. Some may perceive him to be a little bit of a control freak in this way. He feels like he has been through a lot in his limited life experience and as developed a strong belief that sacrifice is the great necessity in life – that you will not get where you want to go unless you are willing to sacrifice everything. He has a lot of potential, but is sometimes slow to realize it. He is perceived by friends as having higher wisdom and is frequently asked for advice, even though it is not always followed. He values patience and reflection above all else. He may mediate or seek spiritual practices that are tied more to letting go of the stress of everyday life and reflecting on the past and future as source of knowledge. He is probably very attuned with nature.


Suho, having the Strength card in his Friends/Family box, is quite attached to his family and has many friends outside of his career who he holds very dear to him. He is perceived to be very compassionate, maybe even tender-hearted, but they all know that they can depend on him to stick up for him. He is fierce in his defense of his friends, which may surprise some when they first encounter this “hidden lion” side to him. They will know better than to cross on of his friends again, that’s for sure. Some of this is fueled by his fear of losing his friends or family and he can become very emotional at the thought of losing any of them. He tries to be responsible for himself, so as not to put a burden on anyone else. Again, there is a control element to the card of Strength, so we may again be reminded that Suho is a little bit of a control freak. He doesn’t like to feel out of the loop or uninformed – probably the type to call home as often as possible and to send “just checking in” text messages to his friends often.


Suho has an extremely masculine card in his Love box – The King of Wands. You can be assured that he leads a very sexual life, both physically and in fantasy. Obsessive about his health and body, he is aware that is attractive to people and uses that to his advantage when he wants something (or rather, someone). He is very take-charge in relationships – again with the sort of control freak angle. He is definitely a dominate partner in relationships, as well as in bed. That being said, he is also a warm and comforting lover and people feel at ease when they are with him. He is adventurous in bed and likes to try new things. He likes a partner who can spare with him and challenge him on an intellectual level in their day to day life, rather than someone who is wholly submissive outside of the bedroom. Though he is very used to being in charge, he doesn’t like a suck up. Clingy or overly insistent people turn him off faster than anything. He likes a partner who is as independent and motivated as he is. I do not see him as being in a long term relationship, but rather sleeping with or carrying on multiple romantic pseudo-relationships at a time. At this time in his life, he prefers not to be too emotional or to worry too much about falling in love. He has probably been badly hurt in a relationship within the past year to two years, which has really closed him off from having a deeper relationship with anyone on a romantic level.


The Eight of Swords indicates that there are serious frustrations going on at work for Suho. He feels censored and restrained in his position, while others move on and forward without him. While he isn’t able to pursue his own projects, he simultaneously is being straddled with a lot of projects and ideas that are not terribly interesting to him. There is a lot of demand for his time, which leaves him feeling very anxious. Again, we come back to this control freak idea – he hates not being able to make decisions himself and having to submit to everything that is currently being thrown at him. Given his belief that sacrifice is necessary for success, I imagine that he is usually able to cope quite well with this feeling by knowing in his heart that his dreams are worth this frustration. However, it likely doesn’t stop him from having panic or anxiety attacks about all the demands on his energy. He is currently seeking a lot of advice and counsel from his seniors and friends that have been through similar circumstances. This outside help is definitely calming to him.

Relationship with EXO

Although he is generally frustrated (probably with the company or management?) with the direction of his career at the moment, his relationship with EXO as a whole seems to be improving. There may have been some distance between him and other members earlier in the year – disagreements or arguments that escalated into painful fights. Those relationships are healing now and he could not be happier about that. One of the messages of the Six that is something not discussed is the idea that the querent could be the one guiding the healing. I think that is the case here. He wants to make things better between all of them and is willing to change certain things about himself and perhaps his leadership style to make the entire community of members, managers and assistants more friendly and healthy. There is probably one or two members who share similar beliefs that he has recruited to help him with this project of healing. As with several other members who have had this card in their reading, there are probably lingering feelings about Kris and Luhan and their friendship. The healing process has been slow, but things are getting better. The Six assures us that things are not always going to be so bleak as this.

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