• kellie telling me to not let her give out her number to anymore guys
  • kellie flirting it up in the corner
  • the result: kellie giving her number to another guy
  • guy texting her as soon as we leave... "making sure" she found her way home okay.
  • the next day kellie deciding it was a bad idea to give out her number because guy #1 #2 or #3 has texted back asking for a date
  • kellie not wanting to waste her texting minutes and then ignoring guys
  • kellie getting texts and then asking for advice on what to say back
  • and brett laughing at it all while wishing she had this problem.
mar 18 2010 ∞
mar 18 2010 +
user picture kellie: hahaha oh brett, you will have this problem too, trust me...we will find you a boy- on your birthday! mar 18 2010
user picture Kayla: i love this list mar 24 2010